There are few OPs that I feel represent their respective show as well as Tabi no Tochuu does Spice & Wolf. Sweet melancholy are the two words that I would pick to describe the feeling that I experience each time that I listen to this song. Ostensibly, Spice & Wolf is a story about business, but it’s two strongest themes are those of companionship and loneliness. That companionship, no matter how turbulent, can overcome our loneliness and can quickly grow into something more, but there is sorrow in it’s melody as every journey eventually comes to an end. Somehow combining feelings of both peace of mind in the present and anxiety over the future, Tabi no Tochuu manages quite a feat of balance. The story and romance of Lawrence and Holo will end, whether with smiles or with tears, but it is one that you will want to experience. Enjoy.

Song: Tabi no Tochuu | Artist: Natsumi Kiyoura | Show: Spice & Wolf

Below I include a couple of full length versions of Tabi no Tochuu. The first includes the lyrics in both English and Japanese, while the second is a live rendition of the song by Natsumi Kiyoura.

As much as I love the first ED of Spice & Wolf, The Wolf Whistling Song, Tabi no Tochuu is my favorite of the shows four OP/EDs. So, not only is Spice & Wolf one of my favorite shows of all time, it also has superb music and atmosphere and if you have not seen it yet, you should. It is definitely a journey worth taking.

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