Title: Stand Proud | Artist: Jin Hashimoto | Show: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Description: OP of the first season of Stardust Crusaders

It’s Jojo week! Everyone’s favorite, over-the-top, manly-man action show is coming back for it’s 75th episode, 4th season and 7th cour this Friday! Jojo’s has also always been well known for its amazing OPs and EDs. Most people prefer the OP to the second Stardust Crusaders, “End of the World”, but this OP grew on me a lot. We’ve got the fast paced, driving drums fueling the rocking of the guitars. By the time this OP comes to a close, I’m sufficiently hyped and ready to watch the Joestar family and company take on all manner of Stand users!

I took a break last time from posting anime covers, but we’re back with another installment! I haven’t done a drum cover yet, but this OP seems like the perfect time to explore this new realm. Enter bokosuka2013 with his drum cover of the full Stand Proud OP:

It’s an awesome cover, and bokosuka2013 does an amazing job giving the drum part the energy that drives all the other instruments forward. If you’re interested, he has many other videos of drum covers on his youtube page (Though I think he is now bokosuka2014? Anyway). Until next time!