Title: Welcome to THE WORLD! | Artist: KENN (as Akihito) & Suzuki Tatsuhisa (as Hiroomi) | Show: Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) [Warning: Fanservice-y montage video]


Description: Kyoukai no Kanata was a flippin’ gorgeous show with fantastic music, sky-high production values, and a disappointingly awful, copout ending. It’s about some poor bastard who just wants to live a normal life, and a girl who transfers into his class that he falls for. Problem is, he’s immortal due to a demon infesting him, and she’s from a cursed demon-hunting family that transmutes their blood into weapons. It spends most of its time being waaaaaaaay less dark than this premise would imply.

The main character, Kanbara Akihito, is a huge doofus, and a pervert with a glasses fetish. The lead male supporting role, Nase Hiroomi, is a couple years older, and is a different kind of pervert, creeping on his little sister (one of Akihito’s classmates). They each have a character image song on the same single CD... and then there’s the duet between them. Akihito’s solo song is about just wanting to live a normal life without all this supernatural bullshit, while Hiroomi’s is about being super overprotective of his sister (and he has good reasons, but...). Put ‘em together, though, and magic happens. Awful, hilarious magic.


Why You Picked It: These two idiots are singing their hearts out trying to push their own fetish onto each other. Seriously, watch the video, the lyrics are translated and it’s a blast. The title is missing a couple of words to give you the real story; it should be Welcome to THE WORLD (OF PERVERTS). They’re also not-very-subtly implying that if any listeners agree with any of their points or even visualized any of it, you’re probably a pervert just like them.

This rock song with a little bit of Spanish music flavor has a stirring, somewhat inspirational theme to it, almost as if any of the drivel these two are spewing was worthwhile. They’re obviously 100% serious about all of it, which makes the utter ridiculousness of the whole thing all the more exasperating. KENN is actually a pretty famous singer, so I kinda have to wonder how much they paid him to sing about being a hopeless pervert (on top of actually voice-acting the guy).

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