Title: Twister | Artist: Sawa | Game:The World Ends With You

Description: Since Kinksy is in Japan right now, living the dream, I’ve taken his Day. In his honor, I’ve picked out the opening theme from The World Ends With You, an incredible action-RPG that was honestly of the best games in the entire DS library. It made full use of literally every input method the DS was capable of, including the mic and the hinge between the screens, and managed to use them all in a way that made sense. It’s even lefty-friendly, with the D-pad and face buttons having identical functions.

TWEWYis set in a sort of J-punk rock flavored version of Shibuya, with a very strange death game going on, set to incredible music.I’m not going to discuss the story because spoiling this game is an amazingly bad idea; it needs to be experienced and it’s very clever on a whole lot of levels. Instead, I’m going to mention that it has a feature more games need to include: everyone has a Courage stat. If male characters have a high enough Courage stat, they can wear female clothing, which in many cases has higher or better-optimized stats.Courage is gained by cramming strange food down your gullet. (No karaoke this time, sorry Persona fans.)

While the original version was on the DS, Squenix also ported it to iOS,which is where this video comes from; it’s easier to keep track of what’s going on in the visuals when it’s all on one screen.

Why You Picked It: This is for you, Kinksy. Have a nice trip, don’t sign any contracts with strange creatures. Keep the tripping into people’s chests to a minimum. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t... wait,that barely precludes anything at all. Hmm.


Anyway, Twister really encapsulates Neku, the main character of the game, though you kind of need to both play a good chunk of the game and understand the lyrics to realize it (minor spoiler warning there too, though you may not notice until after you’ve played). It’s got this awesome beat and rhythm, dark and energetic at the same time. It’s a total blast and it perfectly sets the stage for the game which is even more fantastic.