Title: Wonderful Wonder World* | Artist: Yun*chi | Show: Log Horizon 2

As discussed in my news post, January’s theme is Songs From Sequels, in celebration of our own Season 2. So here we go!


Description: The ending theme to the second season of Log Horizon, a fun show about an MMO’s entire playerbase being transported to the world portrayed within. Different from the usual approach, Log Horizon tends to explore the psychological effects of braving a familiar yet foreign world as well as the politics involved in setting up a massive amount of powerful refugees into a medieval, feudal society in a world plagued with monsters.

Season 2 picks up shortly after the first, and spends a lot of time covering the idea of death within the game. While the Adventurers (read: former ‘players’) can respawn, they are discovering that such an act is not without consequence. However, even in the face of several progressively nastier revelations, our hero Shiroe and his guild continue to find ways to solve problems, stay upbeat, and have fun in their new home.


Why You Picked It: Wonderful Wonder World* is sung by the same artist as the ending theme for the first season, Your*Song. Yun*chi knocks this one out of the park too, another cute and lively theme clearly revolving around Akatsuki, one of my favorite characters in the show. The animation is also fun, showcasing her day off wherein she naps through a crowd of people coming and going throughout the guild hall, only waking up when she feels the gaze of her beloved guildmaster. Even though most of the rest of the cast only gets a few seconds of screen time in it, each one clearly expresses their personality through their reactions to Akatsuki, who remains zonked out on the couch.

While looking for a video version of the ending, I actually came across something unusual: a well-done English cover. They found a vocalist who sounds VERY close to the original, and even made the lyrics rhyme (or close enough to be more than acceptable) while still keeping the themes and meanings of the song:

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