Title: Oshichau zo!! | Artist: AyaRuka | Show: Omamori Himari

Description: This is the opening theme for Omamori Himari, something of a precursor to MonMusu. It’s about a dude who’s allergic to cats and his... pet cat, who shows up at his house in human form. She used to live with him at his grandparents’ place in the countryside... where he grew up as a demon hunter, which he has totally forgotten. *sigh* Of course he ends up living and/or flirting with a variety of youkai, including a mizuchi (water snake), a kamaitachi (wind-sickle weasel), a tea spirit haunting an antique teacup, etc.


The show is definitely fun, but they turned the ecchi up from the manga version and obviously cut the plot short. Still, it certainly has its moments, and the MC isn’t quite a total loser most of the time.

Why You Picked It: Oshichau zo!! is a bubbly little song about a girl playing with a boy as though they were kids again; peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek, etc. There’s a teasing tone to it, but it’s laced with a long-suppressed confession of feelings for him, so it’s very cute overall. The light tone kinda makes you wonder if that’s also just part of her teasing him though...


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