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OP/ED A Day, Season 2: One Star

Title: One Star | Artist: Itou Yousuke | Show: Digimon Savers (S5)

Description: This is the first ending to Digimon Savers, aka Digimon Data Squad in the West, the fifth season. After the disappointing fourth season (IMO), Digimon Savers returned the series to its usual form. It’s a lot of fun, and though the main cast is smaller than in previous seasons, they each shine through. The protagonist in particular is very amusing; he’s a violent, hotheaded fighter who actually has to punch a Digimon in order to focus enough to make his Agumon Digivolve. You read that right; this is the only series where a totally normal human punches Digimon in the face on a regular basis. (He even does it to Mega-level Digimon, and they do actually feel it. He’s a real powerhouse! Digimon are just cheating, that’s all...)


Why You Picked It: The song itself, while positive, is actually rather subdued compared to the energy brought to the team by the protagonist, featured alongside his Agumon partner in the animation. That said, it’s still a very nice song, which is in keeping with Digimon tradition.

As a side note, Wada Kouji performed most of the opening and ending themes for the series, and I am a huge fan of his work, but they seem to lean on him a lot less starting in season 4. Itou Yousuke, the performer of this song, was only responsible for one other anime tune I could find, and I’ve never even heard of it, let alone the show it’s attached to. *shrug*

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