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OP/ED A Day Season 2: Hoshizora no Spica

Title: Hoshizora no Spica | Artist: Tamura Yukari | Show: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS


Description: This is the first ending theme to Nanoha StrikerS, the third season in the franchise. It was the first season to be 2-cour, thus also the first season to have more than one regular opening or ending. While StrikerS was a fun addition to the series and gave a lot of extra info and some closure on what happens to the heroines a bit later in their careers, it added a shitload of new characters and spent a bit too much time on them. (Maybe that’s why the main series didn’t get a continuation. The ViVid series is a spinoff by a different mangaka.)

Why You Picked It: Hoshizora no Spica is a beautiful, slightly somber song by the main protagonist’s VA. Much like in the Symphogear series, all of the openings are performed by Mizuki Nana while the ending themes are done by one of the other heroines (Nanoha’s VA, Tamura Yukari, does the endings for Nanoha while Chris’s VA, Takagaki Ayahi, does the endings in Symphogear). The animation mostly features Nanoha, all alone, staring into the stars, while the lyrics are essentially a prayer to Spica (as in, the star) for guidance to return to a loved one, far away. Considering how often Nanoha, Fate and Hayate have to deploy separately to achieve their goals within the TSAB’s command structure, it’s a very fitting theme for this stage in their lives.

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