Title: Chain | Artist: Snow* | Show: Shigofumi: Letters From the Departed

Description: This is the ending theme of Shigofumi, an odd little show about a girl delivering letters from the recently departed to their loved ones, and her ex-classmate who recognizes her while on the job. He tries to insert himself into her life, wondering why she disappeared from school, to mixed results. There is a talking magic staff involved.

Honestly, what little I recall of the show’s plot was that it was confusing. It was trying to be deep and philosophical, but if it was succeeding, it didn’t get through to me. The music from it was nice though!

Why You Picked It: Chain is a slow, beautiful song that really tugs at the heartstrings. It’s got a strong cello line with a gentle violin line, and Snow*’s voice is both sad and comforting. The lyrics themselves actually read like one of the letters from the departed, describing an apparently painless death with no regrets, while reminding the reader that they’re never truly gone so long as they are remembered. It’s quite possibly more effective in its simple message than the show was as a whole.