Title: Ameagari (After the Rain)| Artist: Matsushita Moeko | Show: Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

Description: This is the second opening to Angelic Layer, one of CLAMP’s relatively later works. It’s about a young girl getting into a competitive game featuring fist-sized humanoid dolls battling it out, controlled by players on either side of an arena using headsets to assume semi-direct telepathic control. She initially got into it merely because it seemed like fun, but quickly found that the game held an unknown connection to her missing mother.

The anime is cute but gets a bit darker than it first seems, coming up against both real-world issues like child neglect and abuse, as well as sci-fi/fantasy issues like whether the dolls are sentient partners or mere tools. (Think tiny robot Pokemon and you’ll sort of get the idea.)

Why You Picked It: Ameagari is a somewhat slow song that builds up to a resounding and very memorable chorus, with fantastic sweeping instrumental sections. The lyrics are about searching for a missing loved one while facing one’s one weakness, both central factors of the show’s plot. This is one of those songs whose short version does it little justice; the full version has one of my favorite anime song solo sections ever. Here it is with full lyric translations: