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OP/ED A Day: Sakura Meikyuu - Fate/Extra CCC

Title: Sakura Meikyuu | Artist: Kanon Wakeshima | Game: Fate/Extra CCC

Description: Sakura Meikyuu is the opening to the PSP game Fate/Extra CCC, with visuals done by SHAFT.


Why I picked it: Can you believe that SHAFT helped make an opening for a Type-Moon work? Sakura Meikyuu is one of the most memorable openings that Type-Moon has due to eerie and haunting music that helps display that CCC is the heaven’s feel of Fate/Extra and the visuals from shaft really make it distinctive. It’s just so SHAFT, and really, only SHAFT could have made it. It’s a combination I really love and it makes for a great opening, one that shows the quirkyness and essance of the game (CCC is the Heaven’s feel of the Extra games, one we never got in the states...) and it’s an OP that really stood out for me.

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