Title: 結城アイラ| Artist: 松井洋平| Visual Novel: Root Double - Before Crime*After Days

Description: One is the OP of the Visual Novel Root Double, A Visual Novel directed by the person who wrote Ever 17, made by Regista and will be brang over to the west by Sekai Project and Lemnisca translations.


Why I picked it: This is an OP that was so good that it convinced me I wanted to play this game, and one that has became one of my all time favorite VN openings. Fast paced, exciting, intriguing, extremely catchy, and just pleasing to the ears, it sounds great, looks great, and is really right up my alley. Also, my favorite translation team, Lemnisca translations is doing the official translation of this, so I kinda felt like doing it. HYPE! :D

PS: Here’s the Second OP for this game, if interested.

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