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OP/ED a Day: Ride on Shooting Star

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Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate ‘Murica Day than with the kick-ass alt-rock song performed by a Japanese band whose Engrish is so excellently unintelligible that the only English in the song that is even vaguely recognizable is the phrase ‘Ride on Shooting Star,’ the name of the song itself! My personal favorite part of the song is when lead singer Yamanaka Sawao completely obliterates the word ‘grunde’ with one of the best rolled Rs I have ever heard.


FLCL is a completely bonkers show that will keep you guessing as to what will happen next for its agonizinglly brief but spectacular 6 episode run. Its soundtrack is one of its strongest points, more The Pillows, so that should not be a surprise, with the track Little Buster being yet another great example of brilliant Engrish. The show does not have an OP but the ED was a great send off after each episode and what better character to feature in the show’s ED than Haruko’s basically indistructable yellow Vespa. There has never been a Vespa this cool before or since.

As I could not find a version of the song with the lyrics included I have written them out below with the English in all caps. If you for some reason have not seen this classic you can stream it here on FUNimation. Just be prepared to have your mind blown. So slap on your eyebrows, grab your bass and jump on your Vespa, because we are going for a ride!


Song: Ride on Shooting Star | Artist: The Pillows | Show: FLCL

ORANGE no SLIDE utsusu sora | SPONGE no PRIDE burasagete

SPIDER | iketotta sono yokan wa | kakusanaku tatte ii’n da | iro no tsuita yume mitai na

RIDE ON SHOOTING STAR | kokoro no koe de sandanjuu no you ni | utai tsutzuketa

GRUNGE no HAMSTER otona bite | REVENGE no LOBSTER hiki tsurete

SNIPER | fuchidotta sono sekai ni | nani ga mieru’tte iu’nda | nerau mae ni sawaritai na

RIDE ON SHOOTING STAR | kimi o sagashite kindanshoujou-chuu | uso wo tsuita

RIDE ON SHOOTING STAR | kokoro no koe de sandanjuu no you ni | utai tsuzuketa

Check out my last featured OP/ED. It is about as different from this one as you can get, but it is still great.


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