In honor of our fearless leader on this glorious anniversary:
Title: Preserved Roses | Artist: T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki | Show: Valvrave the Liberator


Description: This is the OP of the first season of Valvrave.

What a day! What a lovely day! It’s the second anniversary of AniTAY! I’ve only been around for about ~8 months of them maybe, but it’s been a great time. Not only is there a lot of passion and love thrown into every one of the projects we’ve done, but also a great sense of camaraderie and friendship here too. Anyway, we’ve previously come to the conclusion that Valvrave is the most anime anime to ever anime. Mechs, student councils, vampires and of course ERU ERUFU!


To my surprise, there is an incredible cover of this on youtube! It’s my pleasure to introduce AnimeSongCollabo to all or some of you! They’ve done some incredible work on many of my favorite OPs and EDs of the last few years. Here’s their rendition of “Preserved Roses”

Honestly, this is so good that it’s hard to tell the difference between the cover and the original. Maybe the synths sound off, but that’s really hard to match no matter the circumstance. I’m going to browse a few more of their videos, but in the meantime Happy Anniversary AniTAY!


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