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OP/ED A Day: Pray - Gintama

Title: Pray | Artist: Tommy heavenly6 | Show: Gintama

Description: This is the very first OP of Gintama from the very first season.

[glances at calendar] Oh shoot, it’s my turn again. A couple months ago, I got fed up with how many Gintama images, gifs and jokes that were going around and after seeing the latest hilarious video without context, I decided I needed in. So here I am, barely a third of the way through Gintama but it has been a blast. The Benizakura arc was amazing and I teared up during Sogo’s sister arc and I can’t wait for what comes next. No spoilers please! In any case, this OP has still been my favorite out of all the OPs and EDs so far and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe its early repetitiveness just preps me for the hype that comes after? To the rest of you AniTAY Gintama fans, is this your favorite OP/ED?


Another OP/ED from Gugsy, another anime piano cover to show all of you. I honestly haven’t seen a whole lot from this week’s entry, Narutimate77~, but his rendition of this OP is one I need to try very soon:

Narutimate77~, if you’re reading this on the off chance, I REALLY want the sheet music to this. It has a good combination of the vocals and the harmony that I’ve come to expect from any anime pianist worth their salt. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those, but I’ll still keep trying!

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