Title: Pokemon Theme | Artist: Jason Paige | Show: Pokemon

So...yeah, Pokemon officially turns 20 years old exactly one week from today. I would have loved to been able to do this on the exact date, but well it’s not my turn next Saturday, so I’ll just have to do this today instead. Where do I even begin to talk about Pokemon? It’s a series that is very special to me and as a game series it is probably my favorite of all time.


I knew I wanted to do a Pokemon song when my closest turn to its anniversary came up, but I had trouble picking which one. There are several quality songs, from the themes to insert songs, to even the ever famous PokeRap. However I finally settled on going with the most well known of all the Pokemon songs. This opening is iconic amongst anime fans in the US. Fans young and old know this theme by heart. Nothing even has to be said, just the opening notes can send a generation of 20-somethings on a nostalgia trip.

Of course the full version like always:

And for a bonus, the excellent version Billy Crawford did for the first movie, probably the first time many people heard an “extended” version of the theme:

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