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OP/ED a Day: Persona 4 OST

Welcome to AniTAY’s Celebration Of Engrish!

Composers: Shoji Meguro, Atsushi Kitajoh, Ryota Koduka | Lyrics: Yu Namba, RyoRca, Reiko Tanaka, Tamari, Shigeo Komori | Artists: Shihoko Hirata, Tamari, Tomoko Komiya


I tried to set the video to start at my personal favourite, Reach For The Truth, but Kinja. Works in the preview, but not in the article. The entire OST is worth hearing regardless, so have at it. If you go to the actual youtube page there’s a full track list with links to each song. Go. Revel in the glorious glorious mangling of a major language, even as it’s so catchy you want to listen to more.

So much is good about the Persona 4 mini-franchise. Hell, the music is so enduring it’s able to support a freaking dancing game spin-off.


Buy it if you can source a copy.

Also: This is probably the high point of this particular AniTAY endeavour, right here at the beginning. Remember it fondly as the light fades over the coming days.

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