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OP/ED A Day: Owari no Hoshi no Love Song - Jun Maeda & Yanagi Nagi

Title: Owari no Hoshi no Love Song |Label: Flaming June| Artist: Jun Maeda & Yanagi Nagi


Description: Owari no Hoshi no Love Song is an album created Jun Maeda voiced by Yanagi Nagi. It does not have any sort, but is a track of songs that serve their own standalone story.

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Why I picked it: News recently came out that Jun Maeda, one of the head writers for Key, who wrote works like Clannad, Kanon, Angel Beats, Charlotte and other well known Key works has recently been hospitalized, thus freaking out a fair amount of the VN and anime fandom. I know this is a bit late, but I’m going to take this time to pray that he’s doing well, and sharing a work that is kinda fitting - one of my favorite things he’s done that most people don’t really know about, but was made by maeda to get himself out of depression.

Owari no Hoshi no Love Song is an album created by Jun Maeda and Nagi Yanagi, and it’s one that I particularly adore, being what got me hooked on Yanagi Nagi’s amazing voice. It’s a nice little album of standalone songs with their own stories, and they all sound great while having a meaningful and interesting plot too. It’s an album that has interesting stories, and it actually has an interesting story by itself. From the Wikipedia page:

Before production began on Owari no Hoshi no Love Song, songwriter Jun Maeda of Key had known about Nagi Yanagi through her collaborations with the band Supercell. When Key was developing their visual novel Rewrite(2011), music director Shinji Orito was searching for a singer for two pieces of theme music Orito composed for use in Rewrite. Orito’s friend Manyo introduced Yanagi to him, who agreed to collaborate with Key on Rewrite, which is how Maeda met her. Maeda loved Yanagi’s voice, and frequently listened to Supercell’s album Today Is a Beautiful Day shortly after it was released in mid-2011. Around that time, Maeda was depressed and thought about what he wanted to do, leading him to want to collaborate with Yanagi. In thinking about what he wanted to do if he could work with Yanagi, he touched on doing a concept album that would make free use of his world view and a series of settings and stories.[1]

Maeda credits Yanagi for being a single ray of hope in the middle of his depression and for giving him something to work towards. Maeda did not expect it would be easy to get her to collaborate with him, but then he saw on her personal website that she was open to offers for work, and he quickly sent Yanagi an email about working together. Yanagi had known about Maeda before they met, she herself being a fan of Key’s visual novels Air (2000) and Clannad (2004). Despite Owari no Hoshi no Love Song sharing part of its title with Maeda’s previous concept albumLove Song (2005), Maeda points out that there is no connection between the two albums.[1]

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