Title: One Winged Bird | Artist: Shikata Akiko | Visual Novel: Umineko no Naku Yoru Ni


Description: One is the OP of the Visual Novel Umineko no Naku Yoru Ni, A Visual Novel made by 07th Expansion.

Why I picked it: To wrap up my theme of 07th Expansion works because October = scary stuff and 07th Expansion also = scary stuff at times (usually just a great mystery, but I digress..), I have one of the best OPs from one of the most highly regarded VNs, One Winged Bird from Umineko. It’s the main theme of one of the best regarded VNs, and it really lives up to the praise that this OST has. Honestly, it has a sense of epicness that really makes it awesome, and It’s a great OP.


PS: Umineko has a ton of OPs because of multiple releases, so I thought I’d share some for your listening pleasure.

And here’s all the PC OPs! (which are all pretty much one winged angel, but it does have some of the others)

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