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OP/ED a Day: Memoria (Fate/Zero)

Song: Memoria | Artist: Aoi Eir | Show: Fate/Zero

I feel like it was only a matter of time before I did something related to the Fate/franchise. Fate/Zero is to this day my favorite anime overall, between the great cast, amazing fight scenes, beautiful animation, intriguing dialogue- Well, you get the idea. If you want a more in depth review, Grex just did a video review of Fate/Zero that sums up my feelings on the matter very nicely.


So why this ending in particular? Well originally I was planning to do the first opening... But then I remembered this gem and honestly I like it better. I feel like Aoi Eir’s vocals really capture the tragic nature of many of the heroes’ plights and histories. The show itself usually references the history of the heroes quite a bit, but they rarely give full flashbacks and actually show us what happened and who they were. This ending gave us a really interesting look into these heroes and why the act the way they do. They even help to clear up who everyone is and gives us a reminder of it every episode when the rest of the episode was crammed with a million other things you have to remember. Amid a sea of mediocre endings, this one jumped out at me.


I’ll watch just about anything and try just about everything, but ask me to write an anime article....?


Yeah I’ll give it a shot.

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