Title: Nageki no Mori & Complex Image | Artist: Ayase | Visual Novel: Higurashi no Naku Yoru Ni


Description: Nageki no Mori & Complex Image are the OPs of the Visual Novel Higurashi no Naku Yoru Ni, A Visual Novel made by 07th Expansion.

Why I picked it: To continue my theme of 07th Expansion works because October = scary stuff and 07th Expansion also = scary stuff, I have the one of the OPs to one of the best horror/mystery VN/Anime out there and one of my personal favorites. When you think of Anime or VNs, Higurashi is one of the few names that people think of because it’s one of the best out there and it really deserves all the mentions and praise it gets. Kinksy recently did the Anime OPs, but I wanted to showcase the VN openings because they’re really good, taking what the anime OP did and making it fit even better with the work, really great stuff.

PS: Considering that Higurashi is broken into different chapters, There’s tons of OPs for this game, and they’re all great. Here’s some for your listening pleasure.

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