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OP/ED A Day: My Soul, Your Beats! - Angel Beats!

Title: My Soul, Your Beats! | Artist: Lia | Show: Angel Beats!

Description: My Soul, Your Beats! is the opening to the Anime Angel Beats!

Why I picked it: Now that PA Works and Key is teaming up with Charlotte, what better time is there to look back at previous works, more specifically, the last time they teamed up?


If you know me, you know I absolutely loathe Angel Beats, as it was a shining example of missed potential that is significantly overhyped, only offering feels at the expense of real character development and a plot that isn’t swiss cheese but this is one of the few exceptions to that hate. Calm, beautiful and tranquil, The OP is an example of everything this could have been, a really well done piece that anyone can enjoy.

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