Title: Masshiro World | Artist: Mikakuning! | Show: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei / Engaged to the Unidentified

Description: This is the ED for episodes 2-11 of the 12 episode show.

Goddamn is this ED catchy. I dare you to only watch this once. And it’s so cute with chibi versions of every character getting a chance to appear. A special mention has to go to Mashiro’s VA, Yuri Yoshida, for being able to sing this while still keeping Mashiro’s oh so tiny voice going throughout. Engaged to the Unidentified is a Rom-Com from Winter 2014 where while it’s side characters stole the show, the main couple had their moments to shine as well. Doga Kobo did some awesome work with the animation as well. A really fun, light, enjoyable show all around.

I’m going to go with another anime pianist for my OP/ED selection, this time it is Animenz who gets the nod. Animenz is one of the most technically gifted anime pianists I have seen, and his transcriptions are always some of the most difficult I’ve ever tried to play. And yet when he plays them, he makes it look so easy! Here he is playing the full version of this ED and making it sound amazing.

He has made these sheets available for download if you’re interested. After listening to him dance around the keyboard like that, I’m tempted myself to try this for myself. Unfortunately, I’ll never get it to sound quite like him, but I can always hope if I work at it, maybe just maybe.