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OP/ED a Day: "Little Busters!" - Little Busters!

Title: Little Busters! | Artist: Jun Maeda (vocals by Rita) | Show: Little Busters!


I know, I know. “Little Busters!” twice in a title sounds ridiculous, I agree. You know what else is? How ridiculously good this intro is. I found the second intro they used for the same song particularly effective as it has the entire cast in the opening shot and a few new attached shots to keep it fresh. There are...bizarre shots in there (you know the one), but I absolutely love love love the sweeping shots they use in this intro as well (that roof one at the end in particular). If you’ve never heard this song, then you need it in your life.

Also, give Little Busters! a chance if you haven’t yet. The main series is great, the sequel is the icing on the cake, and the third series they came out with is just the cherry on top.

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