Title: KUMAMIKO DANCING | Artist: Natsumi Hioka & Hiroki Yasumoto | Show: Kuma Miko


Description: This is the ED of Kuma Miko.

An OP/ED from the currently airing season! Kuma Miko is a nice, light happy show in a season buried under the weight of similar genre shows. I mean seriously, just in the “Cute girls doing cute stuff” category, there’s: Anne Happy, Bakuon, Flying Witch, Hai Furi and Sansha Sanyou competing with Kuma Miko. And I haven’t even mentioned Sailor Moon yet. Anyway, this ED gets bonus points by being sung by its two main VA leads. And the isometric, RPG-like visuals just get me. Cute ED for a cute show. Not much more than I can ask for!


I was fully prepared to leave this as is, but to my surprise, the anime music cover artists on Youtube are incredible as always! This time it’s PianoPrinceOfAnime’s time to shine! Here’s his rendition of the full version of KUMAMIKO DANCING

He super orchestrated this ED up from something cute and fun to something sounding super dramatic. Anyway, he also has covers of Boku no Hero Academia’s OP too if you’re interested, along with many others. Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!


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