Title: “Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru” | Artist: μ’s | Show: Love Live! School Idol Project

Why am I doing a Love Live! song for my OP/ED today? Well, a few days ago I was in Akihabara, and I knew the series was huge, but I wasn’t prepared for just how much the Love Live! are dominating the otaku scene right now. Animate, that 9 floor manga, doujin, etc. emporium, now has an entire basement floor dedicated to the school idols. The crane games are probably at least half Love Live! merchandise (and Dyram won me a mini Nico fig ^^), compared to a year and a half ago when Madoka was the most prominent series making up the prizes. μ’s songs were playing in almost every other store. So, to subject you to a taste of Akihabara, here’s my favorite of the OP/ED’s from both seasons of the anime.


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