Title: Hollow & Ataraxia | Artist: rhu | Work: Fate/hollow ataraxia

Description: These are the openings to the original version of Fate/hollow ataraxia from 2005.

Why I picked them: Oldies but goodies? As good as Aimer’s holLow wORlD and broKen NIGHT are, I really think the first two OPs captured the essence of Fate/hollow ataraxia and I really appreciate them. Quiet, Calm, and tranquil, these are great songs that perfectly represent the game that it’s an OP of, and they sound awesome. The songs have great vocals, interesting visuals, and it just drew me in. These are one of my favorite OPs in a Visual Novel, as listening to these always makes me really get into the mood that I’ve always loved about Fate/hollow ataraxia, and they are pretty unique and interesting. I’ve used them in several of my videos :)

PS: While I prefer Hollow & Ataraxia more, broKen NIGHT and holLow wORLD are definitely worth a listen, and those who like aimer may prefer them more. While calmer than fate equivelents, I just don’t feel like it really captures the tranquility of hollow ataraxia. totally beautiful though with the ufotable animation. :)


(Also, finding the aimer tracks was a total pain in the ass. Thanks sony!)