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OP/ED a Day: Hikari

Title: Hikari | Artist: Horie Yui | Show: Inukami!

Inukami is an amusing show. It follows a descendant of an Inukami (Dog God) tamer clan, who is not well regarded due to his slack attitude towards his duty (combat teh evuls), his perverted tendencies, and his inability to find an Inukami to bond with. Eventually, he manages the latter; forming a partnership with a wilful green-haired girl who quickly demonstrates that he might have been better off just having his clan to deal with. (For example, she puts a collar on him).


Add in his exceptionally talented (and pretty) cousin who happens to have a veritable harem of Inukami bound to him (who hate the main character), a group of perverts who come to term the main guy the “Naked King” (due to his partner habitually teleporting him into public area sans his clothing) and other such hijinks, and you have a story very much in the line of Urusei Yatsura; including the girl being far more a jerkass than the boy but getting away with it for the most part.

Still, though some lives are not as cheery as the overall presentation would suggest, the characters are sympathetic enough to remain likable even if you wonder what might have been had they not been as they are. It’s a show with enough fun to it to remember fondly, though be warned. There are exceptional levels of fanservice. Elephants galore.

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