Title: Heavenly Blue | Artist: Kalafina | Anime: Aldnoah.Zero

Description: Heavenly blue is the opening to the first season of the utter rubbish show Aldnoah.Zero


Why I picked it: Aldnoah.Zero was hell, a show that I hated almost from the start. It’s not one I hated from the start however, because the opening, Heavenly Blue by Kalafina is... well Heavenly, being my favorite OP of 2014. Why is this? Mainly because I am a huge Kalafina fanboi and I love pretty much everything they’ve done to no extent and this one really hit the marks for me vocally. sooo goodddddddddd :). Really, other than to hate the show, Heavenly blue was the reason I was watching the show, and it’s absolutely the best part of it.

PS: I had to use part of a PV because Sony and Aniplex can go fuck themselves with copyright and not uploading the song themselves. You’re not gonna be able to find a clean version of it because they hate our souls, but here at least is a recording from a concert.

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