Title: Grace Omega | Artist: Hajime Mizoguchi | Show: Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Description: Grace Omega is the main theme (and the one used in the trailers so I guess it counts as an OP) to the movie Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade by Mamoru Oshii. The video I picked is an AMV to that song, but I felt it fit better than the actual trailer itself.

Why I picked it: Haunting. Chilling. Calming. This song, while sounding amazing thanks to the wonderful composition by Yoko Kanno, also captures the spirit of the movie while being done really, really well. It’s a track that both gives a familiar feel to you while being distant. It sounds so great, being some of the most memorable composition I have heard, and it creates an atmosphere that sucks you right in. I particularly like the part where it picks up at 2:30, the violin added to the already amazing track. Really, Yoko Kanno can do no wrong and this is another one of her shining works.