Title: Panzer Vor | Artist: Shirou Hamaguchi | Show: Girls und Panzer

In honour of the GuP movie coming out in just a few days, I present to everyone all the musics. (Panzer Vor, Katyusha and Panzerlied are really worth watching).

First, The British Grenadier March of St. Gloriana Women’s Acadamy. For ten hours.

Then Saunder’s College High, with The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the US Field Artillery March (aka The Army Goes Rolling Along). Goddamn Sherman rush.

Next, Pravda High School, wth an absolutely outstanding version of Katyusha (which was sadly cut from the Western releases due to licensing issues). Here represented by an amv sync’d to the full version.

Continuing, Kuromorimine Woman’s College with Panzerlied, featuring a special addition of the Battle of the Bulge vocals (these were not in the show). Oh and Erika. For ten hours.

And to round off the roll-call, Anzio finally got some attention in their OVA and what a spectacular ride it was. I have really high hopes for the movie after seeing the quality of the OVA even compared to the series. The song is Il canto degli arditi - le fiamme nere.

And as a special treat: THE ANGLERFISH DANCE!