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OP/ED A Day Example Format

Last month, FruityDrinks (of AniTAY Podcast Fame) pitched an idea called OP/ED A Day, where we would post one article a day on AniTAY where we'd share an OP or ED then talk about it. Some members of our OP/ED A Day Battalion were asking for a format, so I decided I'd make a sample format. Keep in mind that using this isn't required.


1. Article Title: If there's one thing that we should keep consistant, it's the title. I think we should have the format like this, but do as you will.

OP/ED A Day: Title of song - Show/Work

2. Video: At the top of the article, put a clip of it from any site that embeds, preferably YouTube, but it doesn't have to be YouTube.


3. Information: Give information about the OP; Title, where it's from, artist, etc. This is the format that I'll be doing, but you don't have to follow it. If it's a VN, or something else, change it to the respective medium.

Title: ____ | Artist:______| Show: _________

4. Description: Give a description about the song. It doesn't have to be too long, and if you can't think of anything here, don't include the section.


5. Why You Picked it: write a paragraph or two discussing why you picked it, why it's unique, etc.

Here's an example.

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