Title: Doubt & Trust | Artist: Access | Show: D.Gray-man

You newer anime fans have no clue how much I’ve longed for D.Gray-man to be animated again. The first anime ran from 2006-2008 and despite more or less just...ceasing, the anime and the manga it was based on were utter powerhouses of the mid-to-late 2000s anime scene. Granted, yes the series was “just another shonen action series”, but it was more than that. It took many of the typical tropes of shonen action works at the time, but ran them through a Victorian gothic/horror filter, which ended up giving the series a look and feel that allowed it to stand out from its peers. Ultimately D.Gray-man would end up being a case of unfulfilled potential, as several hiatuses over the years, all caused by medical ailments befalling the mangaka, Katsura Hoshino (first a serious illness, then an injured neck, and finally an injured wrist), would derail the momentum the series had. The last major ailment having a particularly jarring effect on the manga, as when it finally returned after her wrist healed it had a drastically different art style that made it extremely difficult for many people to follow what the hell was happening on the pages.

Nevertheless, D.Gray-man is back, and I’m hyped all the same, even if I know that the new anime will be adapting the part of the manga after the mangaka’s return from her wrist injury. Maybe I can actually tell what is happening at least. ^_^;

Anyways, as for today’s OP/ED, I simply went with my favorite of the OPs, which was a tough call, as all four of the show’s OPs are great. I just loved some of the little touches in this OP more, like how the opening guitar cords are matched to the light reflecting off of various parts of the Millennium Earl and Allen Walker. Plus, how many rock songs do you know that have a freaking piano solo?

And like always, the full version: