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OP/ED A Day: Disillusion - Fate/stay night (2006)

Title: Disillusion | Artist: Tainaka Sachi | Show: Fate/stay night 2006

Description: Disillusion is the opening to the 2006 anime adaptation of Fate/stay night by studio Deen. The song itself is adapted from the original Fate/stay night opening called This illusion, which is virtuly identical but different singers, and a bunch of little things make them different.


Why I picked it: UBW’s depressingly bad OST (with a few exceptions) made me look back on the music in the past. It made me remember how great Kenji Kawai handled the soundtrack, and how much I really love the opening for Fate/stay night 2006, disillusion, even moreso than the VNs OP. Tranquil, calm and rich, it reminds me of the ambience and atmosphere that fate has a lot of times, and it’s one of my favorite OPs out there. I like it quite a bit more than the new stuff like Brave Shine, but not as much as the Vita OPs, but that’s a given because those are amazing.


PS: Speaking of the original version, UBW 2014 had an amazing cover of it by LiSA and it’s worth the listen. Check it out!

Also, the original, while not my favorite, isn’t half bad either, and if you’re interested in the fate franchise, you really should listen to this at least once.

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