OP/ED A Day: decent black - Owarimonogatari

Title: decent black| Artist: Kaori Mizuhashi | Show: Owarimonogatari

I’ve said this before, but easily one of my favorite stories of the illustrious Monogatari series is Ougi Riddle- a double length episode covering a very artistic introspection and a beautiful sampler of exactly how this series works when firing off all cylinders. Besides a few of the obvious candidates (and some a little less obvious), this is easily one my favorite OPs of the series, too. I tried to get the trippy greatness of the OP to work through my YouTube services here, but it wasn’t loading for U.S. folks (an issue most of my OP/ED have had from what I’m being told). Rest assured, the full version of this song is just as much of a trip!


Anywho, have a spectacular rest of your week, and enjoy your turkey next week (I sure will)!

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