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OP/ED A Day #131: Colors/O2 - Code Geass

Title: Colors | Artist: Flow| Show: Code Geass R1

Description: Colors is the first opening to Code Geass R1 by Flow, and it’s an upbeat and exiting song that I’m quite a big fan of.


Title: O2 | Artist: Orange Range| Show: Code Geass R2

Description: O2 by Orange Range is the first OP of Code Geass R2, and it’s a song that just gets you pumped into the show with great vocals and cool visuals.


Why I picked them: Did I mention that Code Geass is my favorite anime ever? I was absolutely obsessed with it when I first saw it, and the great OPs and EDs help with my absolute adoration of the show. These adrenaline pumping, extremely memorable openings are some of my favorites out there, and some of the first OPs that I truly fell in love with, and my favorite in the series. Code Geass was the anime that got me into anime, and it’s OPs were the OPs that got me to pay attention to OPs. I have a lot of fond feelings for this show, and those extend to these OPs.

PS: I’m also a big fan of the the EDs, with Mosaic Kakera and Waga Rotashi Aku no Hana being my favorites. Mosaic Kakera does a calm ED really well, while the Ali Project stuff just sounding awesome.

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