OP/ED a Day: chAngE

Title: chAngE | Artist: miwa | Show: Bleach

Today I am picking an OP/ED that I not only like but whose title is extremely apt to so many recent things, particularly things that has come to pass for me in the last week. A lot of changes have been thrown at me in the last seven days. First I found out that Bleach’s manga was ending soon. Yes in the last several years Bleach has mostly been refried ass, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the manga and anime were something I used to greatly enjoy. It was one of the first anime series I started after I joined my high school’s anime club. My very first cosplay was as the character Kisuke Urahara at A-Kon in 2005. In the early years of my con attending career I joined a group of Bleach cosplayers who attended mostly Texas based cons. This led to me getting my picture in the Newtype USA magazine when they did their con report of the first Ikkicon. One member from that old group remains a good cosplay friend of mine. So yeah Bleach has its hooks in deep with my anime fandom career.


Then on top of that, one of the star players on my local NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant, showed his true colors as a ring chasing hypocrite by leaving the team to go to the Golden State Warriors, leaving the immediate future of the team in quite a bit of doubt. Really it wasn’t him leaving that actually stings, it is that he left for the freaking Warriors after several years ago laying into LeBron James for going to Miami for similar reasons and then had the balls to say he was taking on a new challenge.

The cherry on top of all this is that I started moving from the house I have been living in for the last eleven years and in the process I am now looking at leaving the job I have been working at for the last 4.5 years, because amongst many other factors, the new commute is honestly not worth it.


Sorry, got a bit personal there. Originally I was considering going with a more somber song but I realized not all of the changes I was going through were all that bad, so decided to go with something about changes instead.

As for the song I chose, honestly it is my personal favorite Bleach OP. It is the only one that I am actually kept hyped the entire song, from start to end. Most Bleach OPs tend to have a slow build to a great chorus, not this one. Another issue I have with many Bleach OPs is they either have great visuals in the build up part or the chorus, but aside from this one, I just don’t really feel the entire visuals in them. Oh and I love the fact that this is a super hype song from miwa, whose other anime OPs I have heard, the first OP for Silver Spoon and the OP for last season’s Flying Witch, are much more calming and decidedly not super hype.


Well I’ve rambled on enough, so here is the full version:

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