OP/ED a Day: Bomb A Head!

Title: Bomb A Head! | Artist: m.c.A·T | Show: Tenjho Tenge

After missing my last turn, I return by diving back into the past, this time looking at the oddly catchy OP to the now 12 year old anime series Tenjho Tenge based on a manga from Oh!great. This series, both the anime and manga, were surprisingly popular back in the mid-2000s, much like Oh!great’s other hit, Air Gear(though from my experience Air Gear was significantly more popular). There was a stretch of a couple of years where you practically couldn’t go to an anime con and not run into a few Tenjho Tenge cosplayers.


And like always with me, the full version of the song:

If anyone is remotely interested in checking out the series, it has two different official releases, one from Geneon, and one from Discotek who rescued the license a few years ago.

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