Title: Bloom | Artist: Girlish Number | Show: Girlish Number

One of my favorite new anime this season, Girlish Number tells the story of Chitose Karasume, who is relatively new voice actor in the anime industry. The thing with Chitose, however, is that she became a seiyuu in order to achieve fame and fortune. She is cynical, selfish and has the ability to cover it all up with sweet smile. With this you’d think I would dislike her because of this personality...but I actually really like her. Chitose is interesting and the scenes where her thoughts are spoken are really enlightening if they are representative of the anime industry.

The rest of the cast is also likable, with a mix of veteran and rookie voice actors, each with their own view of what the anime industry should be and what their respective roles are within it. With that, I hope enjoy this OP and give this anime a chance if you haven’t already!