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OP/ED A Day: Another Heaven - Fate/stay night Realta Nua (Example)

Title: Another Heaven | Artist: earthmind | Game: Fate/stay night Realta Nua

When Type-Moon remade Fate/stay night for the Vita a few years back, they hired ufotable to do the openings of the game, and ufotable did a bang up job with these OP's. They made 3 OP's, one per route, beautifully animated with great music.


This is my personal favorite of the OP's for Realta Nua, with the music fitting in with the tone of the route perfectly, the the absolutely beautiful portrayal of the route by ufotable is stunning (it was the first FSN related thing that ufotable did, and was probably responsible for 25% of my hype for UBW). Another Heaven, with it's eerie tranquility, combined with fast paced action really matches up with the route, and I just love how it sounds. Most people don't really know the Vita Realta Nua OP's, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about them. I'll just link to the other two if you want to listen to them. They are great, but they all essentially have the same song so it may be only worth watching to see the visuals. (Another Heaven's slightly different, but not by much.)

Arcadia (Fate)
Horizon (UBW)

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