As many of you know, OP/ED A Day was started on January 1st, 2015 by FruityDrinks. He’s since left the project, and I have stepped in to fill the void. I’m more or less the “official” leader of the segment now, so I’m taking the opportunity to reorganize a bit.

(If you don’t care about our schedule, feel free to skip to the announcements at the bottom. I won’t judge you. Much.)

As you may have noticed, we’ve missed a LOT of days over the last year. There have been quite a few reasons we’ve identified:

  • Several people fell off the map entirely, only some of which actually got replaced within the rotating schedule.
  • Due to uneven and fluctuating member counts messing with the rotation, people have had a hard time remembering what days they were supposed to post.
  • People got into a habit of posting immediately after the person normally before them in the rotation, but occasionally someone would request a day-swap for a particular week, prompting their ‘follower’ to post on the wrong day.
  • A bunch of us just plain forgot!

In an effort to cut down on missed days, I’ve instituted a solid schedule where each person has an assigned weekday every other week. We don’t currently have enough people to fully fill in a two-week schedule, so there’s a Free Space in there where any of our crew can ask to fill in anytime during the two weeks leading up to it. (We’re always happy to recruit more OP/EDitors though!)


So here’s the schedule as it stands right now, with punny mnemonics where I could:

Week 1: SUN:AscendantIzanagi (AsundayIzanagi), MON:(FREE SPACE), TUE:Exile, WED:Gugsy, THU:jonuiuc, FRI:Kinksy, SAT:Koda Kazar.

Week 2: SUN:Kristov, MON:Morie (MementoMonday), TUE:Protonstorm (Protuestorm), WED:RockmanDash (HumpdayDash), THU:(FREE SPACE), FRI:Raitzeno (FRai-day), SAT:Stanlick (Stanurday).


Hopefully, these static weekdays will help us stay on schedule a bit better. As always, requests for specific days are generally not a problem with a bit of notice, and day-swap requests can usually be handled; the nice thing is, this gives us a much easier out for those by letting an author swap forward a week with their counterpart.

Finally, a few announcements unrelated to scheduling:

  • In celebration of our own ‘Season 2’, The OP/ED A Day Theme for the first half of January will be Songs From Sequels. Split cours are fine, but really any shows that have an extra word or number in the title denoting the fact that they are not the first in the series are great.
  • I’ll probably make Theme Announcements on months with a theme around the end of the prior month, in their own posts, since I’ve found they’re somewhat easy to miss if you’re not actually reading the whole writeups. I think the themes have been a lot of fun so far, so I’d like the readers to be a little more aware of them!
  • Hopefully OP/ED A Day will be a bit more active this year, both in terms of actually being daily and in terms of fun extras like Bonus Tracks and the unfortunately stopped OP/ED of the Week/Month, which as I recall fell to the wayside when the people creating and maintaining the polls quit the project.


Happy new year, here’s to making it a musical one!