Title: Allegro Cantabile Sound | Artist: Suemitsu & The Suemith | Show: Nodame Cantabile


Description: This is the OP for the first season of Nodame Cantabile

This is one of my favorite musical anime series ever, with one of my favorite OPs of all time as well. And what better for the month of February than a nice light hearted rom-com. The piano is fun and happy, and yet it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to pick up and play. The characters are just as fun, if not a little too comical but as a one-time pianist, I really appreciate all the pieces and performances on display in Cantabile. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m usually a sucker for light-hearted romance.


This week, I’m going with bigtime Youtube pianist, Kyle Landry. If you’ve never heard him before, he has made covers of many pieces, anime or otherwise, as well as a number of impressive original pieces he composed himself. His performance is a little too fast for my taste, but it’s always technically very well done and sounds amazing.

Sheets are available on his website if you are interested. I myself have been using a separate sheet to play this piece, but it is still very similar to Kyle’s, if not dumbed down a little for me. You can check more of his music if you’re interested here. And as always, keep me on the lookout for other covers and cover artists that deserve some attention!


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