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OP/ED A Day: A Whole New World God Only Knows - Kaminomi

Title: A Whole New World God Only Knows | Artist: Oratorio | Anime: Kaminomi (The World God Only Knows)


Description: A Whole New God Only Knows is the opening to the second season of one of my favorite shows, The World God Only Knows.

Why I picked it: Kaminomi is one of my favorites that I rarely talk about, but I absolutely adore to no extent. For the Season 2 theme this month, I thought it would be fitting to do this one, an OP that has the same strong points as the first one does - Great visuals that are extremely fitting with the work while looking awesome, pretty amazing visuals, and it’s an OP that does a great job at doing what OPs should do, which is getting you prepared with the work that comes ahead. This is a great OP and I wholeheartedly recommend the show it comes with.

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