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OP/ED A Day: A.R. - Steins;Gate

Title: A.R. | Artist: Kanako Itō | Game: Steins;Gate

Description: A.R. is the Second Opening to the Steins;Gate Visual Novel, for the PC version in particular.


Why I picked it: Everyone knows how great Hacking of the Gate is, but almost nobody’s heard the VN openings, which I would argue is as great as Hacking to the Gate or even better, being some of the best that OPs have to offer. With Visuals that are more colorful, more unique, more gradient filled and more stylised to fit the VN’ difference in aesthetics, to the more energetic music overall that really just helps you get into the mood, it’s an OP that gets you ready for the events in the VN while capturing the essence of the story as well as anything else. It’s one of the best sounding, best looking OPs out there and it’s one I really admire.

Also, the control of timing and tempo in this OP is just really stellar, and I’m a big fan.


PS: The First Opening, Skyclad Observer is no slouch to this as well, being just as colorful, just as interesting and just as stylish as as A.R. It’s not as energetic, but it’s more of a direct comparison to Hacking of the Gate, so it should be mentioned.

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