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OP/ED a Day: A Cruel Angel's Thesis

Title: “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” | Artist: Yoko Takahashi | Show: Neon Genesis Evangelion


It’s hard to believe that I someone hasn’t done “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” for OP/ED a day yet. The truth is, I’ve been saving it for today. Not only is this the home stretch of the YEAR OF EVA ANNO DOMINI 2015, but I’m getting married today (and probably going on my last run as a single person when this post goes up). Evangelion has meant a lot in my life, in the life of my fiance, and in our relationship. It’s also been something to share with some of my dearest friends on AniTAY, a few of which will be there for the wedding! “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” is a significant song from a significant show on a significant day (for me). The version below is actually the music we’re using for the ending processional...something I’ve known ever since I first heard it. So thanks Yoko Takahashi, Anno, everyone who brought Evangelion to us fans, and to all the AniTAY’ers, thank you all!

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