OP/ED A Day #97: Kirameki - Your Lie in April

Welcome to nostalgia month! What's that you say, Kirameki isn't an old or nostalgic song? You may be right on the first charge, but Kirameki is already one of the nostalgic songs in my mind as well as one that will continue to evoke feelings in me for a long time to come.

Kirameki is performed by wacci and was released as a single on December 3rd 2014. It was used as the ED for episodes 1-11 of Your Lie in April, with an acoustic version used in episode 22 (to tearful effect).


Why Did I Choose It?

Oddly enough, I wasn't particularly enamored with Kirameki when it was actually used as an ED, but really came around on it when the acoustic version was used during a pivotal moment during the finale episode.

This song both nostalgic within the show (if you've watched the final episode you know why) but it is nostalgic for me in general because of how much it will remind me of the final episode and everything Your Lie in April achieved. Every now and then a show will go straight into the "insta-classic" category and for me, You Lie in April fits that bill.


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