OP/ED a Day #96: Hiru no Tsuki

Title: Hiru no Tsuki | Artist: Akino Arai | Show: Outlaw Star

When It came to Retro/Nostalgia week for picking an OP/ED there was only one opening I could think of that invoked that feeling and it is:


... Well I guess I obviously played that card too early as that song feels like the most nostalgic song possible for this. So I had to come up with a plan B and I decided to pick the opening from the show that got me into watching anime in the first place:

Through the night from Outlaw st-


... God damn it Koda.

Okay moving on:

Description: The First ending for Outlaw star sung by Akino Arai (Who also sung the second ED).


Why You Picked It: Probably surprising no one at this point because I could simply say "It has pretty vocals and strings" and that would usually sum up why I picked the song from a musical point of view.

However, the song on it's own is not the whole reason I picked it for "Retro week". It's more to symbolize the reason I watch anime today. Outlaw star as a show is the entire reason I started watching anime as it was the first show to truly grab me as a child while watching it on Toonami back in the early 2000s. It wasn't the first show that I watched but it was my first favourite show and It stayed my long time favourite for several years. even now It remains one of my top shows and I will always recommend someone to watch it.


Also there's this version of the sung by the character Melfina in episode 21:

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