Title: Century Color | Artist: RAY-GUNS | Show: Turn A Gundam

Description: Century Color is the second opening of Turn A Gundam, famously known as "that one Tomino show that was weirder than usual" or "that show that made up moonspeak". You could call Turn A the end of an era, because it was Tomino's final addition to the franchise until G-Reco this last year. Moreover, a few years after Turn A aired, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED was released, proving to be a smash hit and arguably brought the series into new prominence.


Why You Picked it: Turn A Gundam is a weird show, but it's also the first re-release that Rightstuf (in its new licensing deal with Sunrise inclusive of the entire franchise) is taking on. Turn A represented the final show of the 90's era of Gundam, and it's noticeable in the subject matter and animation. For that reason, I do pay it a certain reverence.


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