Title: Kin no Nami Sen no Nami | Artist: Akino Arai | Show: Aria the Origination


I love Aria. It has a very special place in my considerations; I first came across the manga during a period in my life where "serenity" was not something I was especially used to. It... reminded me of things I had lost sight of, or possibly even allowed me to see some I had never quite been able to before. The perspective it shares with the reader, the perspective of its cast and its world, is a beautiful one; that type of intense beauty that's painful to encounter, but such a sweet pain that you want more. Or, maybe that's just my perspective and my temperament being too different, like a moth drawn yearning to a flame. I mean, hell, it even brings out the poet in me.

Never have I been so glad that an adaptation got it right.

I struggled to try and choose which of the tracks I would do today, and I may well use others for future OP/EDs of mine. But eventually I had it down to either the above, the ED for the third series (actual ED video here), or the ED from the first series, Rainbow. The deciding factor was coming across the linked video, featuring a slideshow of various artworks of the show by the creator: Kozue Amano. I adore her art, I've managed to obtain two of the four artbooks of hers currently available and they are some of my most treasured possessions. I really need to catch up on her current series: Amanchu, a story about two girls diving into both the ocean and a friendship.



Screw it, you can have Rainbow too >.>

Title: Rainbow | Artist: Round Table feat. Nino | Show: Aria the Animation

I'm going to go let the poetry drain...

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