The moment the screen fades into the sequence, your body reacts. You've conditioned your muscles to respond at this exact moment. Just before you can hear the first note of the song, a glimpse at the animation you've already executed the command. You've just skipped the OP/ED of the show.

Show : All | Song : It's All The Same | Artist : I Don't Really Care

It happens, every day, week, month, season and year. You know who you are and I know you won't change your ways. I'm here only to glorify it, so join with me as we bask in the light as higher beings.


Hearing the confirmation of your actions is short yet so sweet. "Click" (insert other onomatopoeia that occurs from your peripheral of choice if click doesn't apply here) Relief washes over you from head to toe as you have just saved yourself 90 seconds. A hero(ine) in your eyes, master of time and lord of logistic. You have the power now, no more sitting through theme songs/ending songs back in the era of the television; just a simple click and we have surpassed what was once the insurmountable. Not even the most talented muse or gifted virtuoso could replicate the same sensation as the silence you gain from what is considered always slipping away from us, time.

Once the OP/ED is skipped it becomes lost forever in the void. Does it become empty? A blank canvas if you will. Will you perceive it as empty? Or do you see the maelstrom of thoughts or the multitude of reasons that swirl around inside the viewer's head as to why they have skipped it?


You watch your shows like how you lead your life. You don't put on your protective gear, you run into that burning house saving those puppies. You don't listen to your coach in the Olympic diving event; you just leap off that board and score 10 across the judges. You don't wait for the green light on the road; you make your own green light. You don't roll the dice in the casinos, you rig it. How could they possibly understand? You are the master of your own destiny, a modern day Hercules, half mortal and half god. You stand on the cusp of glory and no one will stop you in your way.

This is for the people who skip OP/ED either out of choice or necessity, the kind of people who say "no" to fate, the kind of people who takes matters by the scruff of the neck. Today is your day.


Fruity has recently been hired as an English voice actor for Spice & Wolf season 3, but can't say who, what, when, where or how. Just wanted to brag about it, in your face.

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